What Are The Best Wiper Blades To Buy

Most car owners easily forget that wipers are an important safety feature. Reality hits hard when they find themselves driving in heavy snow or rain, or a dirty glass blinds the view of the road. An obscured window shield is a hazard and disaster in waiting.

The same way drivers do not typically realize that the washer fluid tank is empty, it is the same way they may not realize the diminishing quality of the wiper blades See more. It is important to notice that the blades as a finite service life, thanks to the hazardous duty they do in harsh weather.


Conventional wipers

They work better in harsh weather conditions compared to the traditional type of blades. They are ideal for snowy and icy conditions. They can be used any time of the year.

Choosing the right material

Different blades are made from various materials.

l Latex rubber: They perform well and are inexpensive. They are a bit noisy.

l Silicone rubber: They are resistant to harsh weather conditions such as the freezing temperatures and direct sunlight. Ideal for cars that are parked outside for long periods. They are bit pricey compared to the latex ones.

l Graphite: They are made of regular rubber that is coated with graphite. Graphite reduces friction and protects the rubber from deterioration and damage.

Wiper blade connection

What wiper blade collection do you like? Some of the common connections include pin, hook, pin and hook, pinch tab and bayonet. It is important that the car owner learns how to detach and reattach the arm of the wiper properly based on the connection.

Wiper blade style and shape

The blades come in different styles and shapes. They are designed to perform specific functions. They include the:

l Standard/conventional

l Flat wiper blade

Wiper blade size

The blade size should be specific and best for your car.

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